At Sincerely Sunday, we pride ourselves in using premium ingredients that are equally harmless to humans, animals, and the environment. Before committing to just any ingredient, we rigorously vet our suppliers to ensure our quality standards have not been compromised, allowing us to craft products rooted in care and intentionality.

While all our ingredients are domestically sourced, a small portion of our packaging comes from overseas. Our goal is to become fully plastic-free by the end of 2023 and with each purchase, it brings us one step closer to making that goal a reality.


Coconut-Soy Wax Blend



We weren't satisfied with the waxes on the market, so we made our own. Our wax is a proprietary blend of coconut, soy, and a small amount of refined paraffin to enhance scent throw and overall performance

Cotton Wicks


DESCRIPTION: our cotton wicks are woven with paper threads and primed with a wax coating for a consistent and even burn

Fragrance Oils


THIS ITEM IS: Non-toxic, dye-free, phthalate-free, and paraben-free

DESCRIPTION: we use a combination of natural/synthetic fragrance oils and all-natural essentail oils. Though we marvel at the idea of working with only natural oils, the reality is that working with certain natural oils can be unsustainable due to the large amount of material needed to produce a small amount of fragrance


Premium Candles

VESSELS: sourced from China; made from glass; reusable + recyclable

TEALIGHTS: sourced from USA; plastic; recyclable

BOX + INSERT: sourced from Pakistan; paper; recyclable

DUST COVER: sourced from Canada; seeded with wildflowers; plantable

Deconstructed Candles™

Stand-Up Pouch: plastic; non-recyclable

Clear Bag: poly lactic acid (derived from plants); compostable

Everything Else

STICKER LABELS: we use a combination of materials including paper and plastic; not recyclable or compostable

SHIPPING BOXES: paper; recyclable

SHIPPING TAPE: wood pump and starch: recyclable + compostable

CARDS / NOTES: paper; recyclable